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Nearby Regions and Former USSR States
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As Russia and the other former USSR states rushed to modernize themselves, regional traditional music is becoming an endangered species. Richka maintains a tiny sample of a vast musical richness. E-mail comments and corrections are always welcome. Email  Jim Duncan, Ostenta Fine Arts
(photo - me in Russia)

Music all plays as AAC.

Watch complete Arizona Balalaika Orchestra concerts in full HDTV on YouTube.
Kuban Cossack Chorus * from YouTube video

We Are One 

Unharness the Horses, Lads

Me - A Village


I'll Bring the Praise

*My s toboyu kazaki - "We are both cossacks"


Pool One's Money

Both in Winter and in Summer the Pine Was Green

The 11 tunes below are from a CD entitled "Caravay" (19 tunes on the CD).  I'm told by a Russian music fan that you can sometimes find this CD at Amazon, EBay, and other places by searching "caravay petersburg ensemble".  He successfully bought the CD this way.



Moscow Nights


Along the Piterskaya Street


Cossack's Marching Song

Parting Cossack's Song

A Long Way

The Murom Road Along

Near the River Don


Klänge Der Taiga
  "Sounds of the Taiga" - Balalaika Ensemble "Wolga"



     Matrosentanz Jablutschko


Russian Dance from Swan Lake - Tamara Volskaya, domra soloist in live performance. The orchestral version is further down the page under "Other Forms".

Vladimirskii Rojok - St. Petersburg ensemble
The little reed flute instrument is a "zhelyeka"

Stop It, Fellows - Russian balalaika ensemble


Solo Gousli





Down The Volga



The Moon Is Shining

Cossack Patrol - Russian Balalaika Orch./A. Bochesky

I Sit on a Stone - B. Feoktistov, balalaika//Melodiya WGS-8263

Fair at Sarochensk - Mussorgsky

Kazakh Music - Kazakhstan  2:20

Bublitschki - Russian Balalaika Orch./A. Bochesky


Kamarinskaya - Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra

Midnight in Moscow - Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra

Un Petit Fruit Rouge Sur Un Glacon

Pray That The Rye Grows

Mon Mari M’a Obligée A Chauffer Le Bain


Our Katja

Oi S Wetschora-S Polunotschi

Kasimowskiye Tschastuschki

Bielolitza Kruglolitza

Song of the Volga Boatman  - Red Star Army Chorus
Home page wouldn't be complete without this one.
Painting of the toiling burlaki

Oh, Frost, Frost -  "Moroz, Moroz"

Oh, You Gypsies

Katjuscha - likely Scandanavian accents in these performers

Beautiful Maiden - Karelian (NW Russia) folk tune sung in hard voice style

Sasedka - Soviet Army Chorus/B. Alexandrov

V Tyomnom Lyesye - Kaval Orch. and Chorus
"In the Dark Forest"

Ah, Nastasia - Red Army Chorus 

Pesenka Frontogovo Shofera - Russian//male vocal
"The Military Driver's Song" - thanks to Alain Fournier

Oj Xodlya - Ukraine//male vocal

The Magic Flute- Byelorussian folk tune by female singer in an operatic style

Ural Mountain Folk Song - female ensemble/hard voice style

When Flowers Bloom In May - Russian by male singer with chorus

Down The River - Russia

Sochors - Russia

Unknown Vocalist

Chebotukha - Karagod

Dunya The Weaver

I’m Sitting On A Stove - Karagod

Strawberry - Karagod

I’ll Saddle The Horse - Karagod

Enjoy this great music by the Soviet Red Army Chorus

Cossack's Song



Echelon's Song

The Samovars

Polyushka Polye (Song of the Plains)


Troika Gallop

The Cossacks



Dark Eyes

Ukrainian Folk Song

Uralskaya Ryabina

Russian Folk Music used in Other Forms - examples

Overture on Russian Themes - Rimsky-Korsakoff 3:55
This is my favorite theme from this 13 minute composition.

Hopak - from Rimsky-Korsakoff's opera May Night  2:00

Kolo - dance around a bonfire from Rimsky-Korsakoff's opera Mlada 1:29

Tale of the Birds - from Liadov's Eight Russian Folk Songs  1:33

Russian Dance - my favorite tune from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake 4:25

Moscow Nights - blues singer Ketty Lester 1966  2:20

Oh, Mne Nevmogotu  - from Kovanschina by Mussorgsky

Apotheosis 2:22 
This is an orchestral fusion of 19th century Russian nationalism with a French anthem from the late-1500s titled "Vive le Roi Henri" (Henry IV of France) that was also later used in the French Restoration with "Henri" changed to "Louis".  This brief piece closes the Tchaikovsky "Sleeping Beauty" ballet. It's a clear example of prior-centuries Russians looking Westward for learning and the arts.

Soviet National Anthem - used 1944-1991; complete; with revised 1977 lyrics
You've all frequently heard this theme in earlier Olympic telecasts as Soviet athletes swept up the gold medals, so for old time's sake here it is complete with singing. This is the "clean" version from which references to Stalin were removed in 1977.  Its original lyrics embody a nationalistic style now very out of step with the march of time. For one look at why Stalin was erased from the anthem, go to the mines of Kolyma in Siberia.

tunes on in the Finland collection:

Lapikaspolkka - Markku Lepistö     Syyskuun ilta - Eino Tulikari

Last but not least...

Kacharpari - no, this isn't Russian nor Slavic at all but is a sample of the music on my Andean music website BOLEADORA.COM. Check it out!

Romanian National Anthem - most national anthems are terrible - surely chosen by commitees. However, the Romanians have managed to choose a nice anthem - one of the world's best - for their country. Orchestra only version.

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